Orchard Pointe

Project Description

The drive surfaces of this five level parking garage had worn substantially over the years. After repairs to the concrete, we applied a leveling layer of epoxy and sand, and then a four layer vehicular urethane traffic coating system. Included in the garage repairs were expansion joint replacement and flange to flange connector plate installation. In addition, at the building’s main entrance, we performed structural repairs and full removal and replacement of the concrete stairs and landings. Finally, we poured a concrete slab adjoining Cherry Street and installed a decorative micro topping to complement the tile design at the entrance. The work was engineered by Jeff Carlson of Martin/Martin Consulting Engineers. Repair costs: $232,000.


Greenwood Village, CO


Martin/Martin Consulting Engineers


installation of urethane traffic coating, partial and full depth concrete patching, rout and seal cracks, structural steel bracing installation

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