Park Central

Services include: expansion joint repair

Civic Center Plaza

Services include: vault repairs, grate and beam replacement

Root Garage

Services include: rout and seal cracks, remove and replace delaminations, repair tee stems, Replace expansion joint, curb stops, topping slab.

The Chancery

Services include: partial and full depth concrete patching, post-tension cable repair, rout and seal cracks

Cedar Run Columns

Services include: build concrete jacket forms, install rebar cages, pour BASF MasterEmaco S-440

Canyon Center Plaza

Services include: repair and patch concrete, pressure wash, installation of high performance overlay, installation of urethane sealant

Cedar Run Bridges

Services include: demolish and replace 4 bridges, replace stair support

Penn VII Penthouse

Services include: concrete coping replacement, concrete patching, rout and seal cracks, structural concrete patching, concrete column repair.

Leprino Parking Garage

Services include: concrete repair, waterproofing, caulking, wing wang repair

The Galleria Office Towers

Services include: window to frame sealants, stucco to stucco joints, stucco to window joints

University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

Services include: carbon fiber strengthening, post-tension repair

Orchard Pointe

Services include: urethane traffic coating, concrete patching, rout and seal cracks, structural steel bracing installation

Denver International Airport

Services include: installation of high performance overlay, Installation of urethane sealant

Denver Corporate Center

Services include: epoxy injection, expansion joint replacement, installation of urethane coating, partial depth concrete patching, structural concrete patching

727 Pearl Street

Services included: cathodic protection, concrete repair, Installation of urethane traffic coating

Cherry Tower

Services included: concrete repair, decorative microtopping, Expansion joint replacement, Installation of epoxy coating, Installation of urethane traffic coating


concrete repair

I have worked with Joe Keller and the McDonald Waterproofing & Restoration team for over four years in the Metro-Denver area. They performed exceptionally well as a team working with clients to maintain the project at hand on schedule and under budget. We worked on a fast response project where the concrete beams supporting a condominium apartment floor and ceiling below where found failing when the owner removed the carpet to install wood flooring. Joe and his team had apartment floor shored within a couple of hours and while we were working on the final repair design he was already expediting material to perform the repair. The repair was completed in under two weeks with minimal damage to the ceiling in the apartment below and almost no concrete dust leaving the apartment into the common hallways. The team was very conscience of the noise and dust and worked to minimize it for the other adjacent apartment owners. Amtech Solutions, Inc. has no reservations on bringing McDonald Waterproofing & Restoration on to our next project.

T.R. Hernacki, P.E., PMP, M. ASCE - Senior Engineer, Amtech Solutions